Leadership Training, not Sensitivity Training

I came across this TEDx talk about men needing to step up and be the leaders who are talking about violence against women and girls and even other men and young boys.  The line about someone not requiring sensitivity training, rather leadership training really resonated with me.  i think it is in the 15 minute mark of the talk.

Men who have power and stature need to lead on this issue because there is a whole next generation of young boys who need to see that defending women and their rights is noble and correct and indeed, required to change the paradigm around violence and abuse to those less powerful.

I recommend this talk and you can see it here: https://www.upworthy.com/a-ted-talk-that-might-turn-every-man-who-watches-it-into-a-feminist-its-pretty-fantastic-7?g=3


Author: Phil Black


One thought on “Leadership Training, not Sensitivity Training”

  1. How true this comment. Little did we know that teaching our son respect and manly kindness would join with his own aptitudes to equip him to be the 15-year-od CEO of a worldwide staff of men and women with 100+ years industry leadership experience producing a new genre of computer game.

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