A True Ventures Two(fer)! Automattic and Kurtosys

I have served on the board of directors for Automattic since October, 2005 and for Kurtosys since September, 2006. Anytime I have the chance to speak about two portfolio companies in the same sentence is a treat. Today, the folks at Kurtosys released this post about Bank Grade WordPress: http://blog.kurtosys.com/bank-grade-enterprise-wordpress-strategic-offering-whose-time-come/

I am thrilled that they have so fully embraced the open source movement for a key piece of their product offering and I know they have appreciated all the help received from the WordPress community at large and many individuals within Automattic. I look forward to seeing all the future product innovations around this product offering. Open Source FTW! I want to give special thanks to @trueventures, @mashpatel and @photomatt for the work everyone has done these past 8 years.